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mobil keluarga ideal terbaik Indonesia

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Mobil keluarga ideal terbaik Indonesia is the keyword SEO contest by Toyota Astra Motor. Again, do not miss the latest contest info in October, September and December in the year 2010. This time more excited again. With a big gift,  this SEO Contest from a production company that is Toyota’s famous car. And no half-hearted, offered prizes worth 40 million more.

Here’s the info I get from Toyota with a key contest SEOnya said Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car. Gifts from Toyota SEO contest keywords Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car:

1. Winner = Rp. 15.000.000, – + Cup and charter award
2. Champion 2 = Rp. 8.000.000, – + Cup and charter award
3. 3rd Place = Rp. 6.000.000, – + Cup and charter award
4. Champion 4 = Rp. 4.000.000, – + Cup and charter award
5. Champion 5 = Rp. 1.000.000, – + Cup and charter award

Note: T-Shirt for all contestants will be sent by post. Sign Up and follow the Toyota SEO Award 2010

SEO Keyword mobil keluarga ideal terbaik indonesia
Well here I inform the rules of the SEO contest Toyota, very long. So read with a cup of coffee more mantab.
Rule Award 2010 Toyota SEO Keyword Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car:

1. SEO Contest start date is October 7, 2010 (Hour 12:00 pm).
2. SEO Contest end date is January 31, 2011 (12:00 hours GMT).
3. The winner announcement made in February.
4. Not allowed any element of pornography, discrimination, or unlawful acts in the implementation of the SEO Game.
5. Target Keyword: “Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car” and create a link to
6. Adding SEO Award 2010 Toyota logo.

Well come to the Battle ” Mobil keluarga ideal terbaik Indonesia” the best SEO Contest on 2011


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