Used stationary bikes for your health

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Used Stationary Bikes

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Used Stationary Bikes Bike reviews, bike gear, parts and accessories, over 30000 cycling routes, news and race results. from the Cycling Plus, MBUK, Pro Cycling. More blogs   Used Stationary Bikes  about: car accessories, wood dash kits, nissan accessories, The Retsambew Dash Klat for Charity Guy posts news, statistics and experiences A Classic padded bike short from AeroTech Designs. The ideal short for the cyclist who wants excellent comfort during your bicycle ride.

used sationary bikes

used sationary bikes

Road Bike, Cycling Forums Statistics.   Used Stationary Bikes  Threads: 210000, Posts: 2826539, Members: 138700. Welcome to our newest member, mlmathews Frustrated being a large cyclist in a sport geared for the ultra-light? Learn about the bikes and parts that can take the abuse of a heavier   Used Stationary Bikes

Cycling has long been seen as a good exercise to maintain stamina of our body to stay healthy. People who ride bikes in general, saying that their physical condition is becoming increasingly better than ever. When sitting on our bikes and push the saddle, we provide a light tension on the muscles of the leg. It helps muscles burn fat and improve blood circulation in our body. Many doctors recommend riding a bike as a sport for those who have just undergone cancer surgery. Cycling (cycling) is also good for our eyes. When we ride bikes, catch our eyes move all the objects that exist along the road. Our eyes send signals to the brain to actively identify what we see. In other words, riding a bike helps us maintain overall performance of the existing organ in our body.

Mountain Bikes

I usually ride a bike in the afternoon. Bike that I use is a mountain bike jump type soil ( dirt jump mountain bikes ) Cozmic 2.0 DX manufactured by Polygon – a bike manufacturer in Indonesia. Sometimes I drive a Polygon Celine 3.0 which is actually a mountain bike for the ladies / mountain bikes for ladies . Frame made of aluminum metal alloy called ALX 6061. Order bike lighter making it easier for a cyclist to achieve maximum speed. To improve the performance of cyclists, Polygon Shimano Alivio gear set up at him. Gears this bike helps cyclists up the steep slopes. When down a hill, cyclists are protected by front and rear brakes are supplied by the Tektro. Although I knew I could rely on those brakes, I still wear a helmet to protect my head when riding a bike. Each cyclist must wear helmets as a precaution against accident before going to the streets. I also bought a flashlight, LED front and rear lights to illuminate my path and to signal the presence of other road users if I was riding a bicycle at night. Actually I do not really need those lights because I mostly ride a bike in the afternoon.

Pro-bicycle policy is a necessity!

In recent years, there is increasing interest among the people ride bicycles in big cities seperta Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar, Bali and other cities in Indonesia including Manokwari – the town where I live. Community bike ride to get to work and save money while preserving the environment. Until now, the policies of pro – motor vehicles still dominate every decision made by the government. It is time now for the campaigners to ride a bike to try to influence the government to contribute to thinking about bicycles as a means of transportation in this country. As a result, facilities and protection for cyclists should be given as well. People stopped riding a bike because they see that it is not safe riding their bicycles on the streets. Situations like this should be changed. The government should seriously deal with this problem. The cyclists help reduce traffic congestion, CO2 emissions and save fossil fuel consumption. Thus, pro-bike (Pro-Cycling Policy) is a must.

Bike ride and Achieve Energy Saving Air Cleaner for our Environment

If the population of the city to go to work by bicycle, traffic bottlenecks that exist today could be eliminated. Urban air pollution can be reduced significantly through the creation of a better living environment for all residents of the capital of Indonesia or to many other cities in the world. Cycling is good for the environment because it does not consume fossil fuels and release CO2 into the air. So riding a bike is one good way to fight global warming. Noise can also be eliminated. Suppose that all the inhabitants of the earth to ride a bike, a lot of CO2 emissions that we can reduce and the issue of global warming will only be a matter of the past. We need serious commitment from the government and residents to see the lifestyle of cycling as one of good solutions for many traffic problems, health and our environment

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July 10, 2010 at 6:43 am

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